Saturday, September 1, 2007

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some initial things to share

MK: It has been a great week so far. And I am looking forward to the weekend. Three days off and and extra night to train my slave husband. We take advantage of the weekends for most of his punishment/training. We have a nice variety of paddles, belts and all sorts of restraining devices.

The night I received a wonderful massage. Afterwards, I didn't let my slave cum and that just makes him crazy. Last night I let him shave my legs. That is a chore (he has many) that has been assigned to him to perform 2-3 times a week. After that, I put him in a toy we have called the "Humbler". It basically puts his balls in a vice and makes it so he has to stay on his hands and knees or he will stretch his balls and cause great pain.

Speaking of stretching, we did try another toy that wraps around his balls and uses weights. We will be using that nightly so that we can stretch his balls enough to fit nicely in the Humbler. I saw my slave getting quite red in the face and neck area. And again I didn't let him cum.

After letting my slave take in some discomfort, I released him so that he could pleasure his Mistress. It was quite a fuck fest. Very exciting and very hot. I gave in and let him cum. There are times when I am just not strong enough but I am working very hard to get past that. He doesn't know if yet but that will the be the drive for his punishment this weekend. He knows that he is NOT allowed to cum without my permission.

We are building up to the day when I can chastise my slave. We found the perfect accessory that every husband should get this Christmas. We've been reading about milking and I honestly can't wait to have my slave on all fours and milk him like the cow that he is. My initial plan is to have him chastised for 3 months and milk him weekly. He will not earn time off his sentence but I will add time if he disappoints me during those three months.

We do have a policy in place for watching TV and earning time. Its a simple rule. One paddle hit for each minute. So a simple sitcom can be watched after 30 whacks. I have been very lenient this summer but with the new TV season upon us, I can't wait to get that system started back up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

MK: Last night we talked, made a list and commited to our new relationship. We have been talking about it for such a long time and now we are finally going to make it happen! I am so excited to make my husband my slave !